School History

      Through the Education Act of 2001 that has an important purpose of developing Thai children with Thai and global attributes, Ladprao General Hospital founded the Ladprao Kindergarten School under the name of Ladprao Education Company Limited on September 9, 2000. The school aims to provide education as a response to the needs of the parents to let their children grow in the aspect of physical, emotional, social, wisdom and culture.  Likewise, the school would like to develop their English language communication skills and to keep them abreast of life’s challenges in the future.

            Ladprao Kindergarten School opened using the Bilingual Thai-English Curriculum during the second semester of 2001. The first batch of students in 2 classrooms includes 23 Preparatory students and 24 KG 1 students for a total of 47 students. The school was then supervised by Assistant Professor Jinnapha Sitrabut, the first principal and the founder of the innovation and concept of managing bilingual education.

            Subsequently, on February 14, 2002, the school had its opening ceremony led by His Excellency Professor Dr. KasamWathanachai, Privy Councilor.

            In 2003, the school was allowed to change its name to Ladprao Bilingual School. The school expanded its academic curriculum to Primary 1.

            The Primary Level uses the conceptual framework, policy and purpose of the Basic Learning Academic curriculum 2008 English Program of the Ministry of Education. This develops and creates an appropriate curriculum for the students that focus in Active Learning that still follows the assessment policy of the Ministry of Education.

             Since School Year 2009 up to present, Ladprao Bilingual School is administered by AjarnTanawadeeTirapatsakun. With the continuous development of the curriculum and administration, the school receives Silver and Gold medal award O-NET every year from 2009-2014. Through the O-NET result of Grade 6 class of 2012 with every subject receiving 60% and a total average of 73.18, the school was then awarded Best Practice by the Ministry of Education.

            In 2013, the school had 36 graduates and everyone in the batch was able to enter high school in prestigious schools: Phumipat Jaraphat, First Place in Yothinburana School and received ฿70,000 educational fund; NapasabhornPriwisut, First Place, Janista Sirikhosityangun, Third Place,Panithee Khamwangyang Special Science Class of Bodindecha(Sing Singhaseni) School; Phimpon Singhirannusorn Math-Science Class of Suankularb Wittayalai School; as examples.PhumipatJaraphat, Grade 6 student, received the Royal Student Award for School Year 2013 for Small Private School.

            Consequently, on September 30, 2014, the school was awarded as Outstanding Private School with International Standard (School Year 2014-2015) by the Office of Private Education Commission.

The number of Grade 6 graduates:  

Class of 2009:  First Generation    17 students
Class of 2010:  LSF – Love School Forever   19 students
Class of 2011:  Number One 21 students
Class of 2012:  Success 34 students
Class of 2013:  Shield 36 students
Class of 2014:  Magnificent 43 students
Class of 2015:  Marvelous 25 students


*For a total of 195 Primary Level graduates.

School Achievements:

Shcool Achievements:



  • Gold Medal recipient for O-Net with an average score of 72.90%,
    awarded on August 29, 2014
  • Awarded on September 30, 2014 as Outstanding Private School with International Standard (School Year 2014-2015) by the Office of Private Education Commission
  • Honorary Awardee for a small scale private school category from the Ministry of Education
  • Phumipat Jaraphat, Grade 6, Royal Student Award Recipient
  • Honorable mention Award recipient as “Best Practice” for Education and Administration from the Office of the Private Education Commission
  • Gold Medal Award recipient for Ordinary O-Net
  • Gold Medal Award recipient for Ordinary O-Net
  • Silver Medal Award recipient for Ordinary O-Net
  •  Awarded a certificate for attaining an average O-Net score of more than 50% for 5 strands
  •  Gold Medal Award recipient for Ordinary O-Net