Som Tum, a digital storytelling by P4 students of Ladprao Bilingual School.VDO Activity 

Som Tum, a digital storytelling by P4 students of Ladprao Bilingual School.


This is a SEAMEO project between Thai schools and Indonesian schools to develop friendship and improve intercultural communication. The school participants agreed that the cultural exchange topic is either about food, dance or music through student learning activities. The language and cultural partnership is fun and rewarding way to practice English, share own culture and experiences that are useful to the students of both countries towards the quality of education. 
To facilitate the cultural exchange and partnership development platform, the school has created a virtual class using an educational website called Edmodo.  With this, our school aims to leverage the capacity of teachers and students through the use of ICT. This virtual class will lead to the partnership development through knowledge/exchange with our students and students from our school partner offshore.

Som Tum, a digital storytelling  by selected P4 students of Ladprao Bilingual School for LCEP Club.  This activity is for the language and culture project between LBS (Thailand) and SDK5 BPK Penabur (Indonesia).

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