" Learning is Happiness. Deeply Impressed with Thai Culture to International Standards. "



Our vision is to immerse the students in quality learning with happiness in  a small world full of warmth and security. With this happy learning community, LBS wishes to develop students with creativity, imaginative minds and self-confidence.
Along with our vision, LBS aims to:
  • develop the full potential of students academically and help cultivate their life-experience skills required for further education.
  • ensure intellectual, physical, mental and social growth of students and acquire proper development according to age level.
  • be able the students to communicate both Thai and English effectively and efficiently.
  • develop students to be critical thinker and articulate speaker.
  • make students morally upright in dealing with everyday lives according to the norms of Thai culture.
  • mold students into responsible and compassionate citizens, aware of conservation of resources and environment.


The primary goal of LBS is to develop the potential of students to acquire knowledge through international standards in accordance with Thai culture and our own school’s philosophy.

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